Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Linear Views

After my walk in the linear park the other day I started thinking that linearity can provide some interesting photos.  Today's walk was along the Canandaigua City Pier -- it provides great views of Canandaigua Lake.                                               
A chorus line of gulls.

The Canandaigua Lady

I took this photo because I liked the contrast of the bright red and yellow on a grey day -- but when I looked at the photo I noticed the linear view of the dock and the windows.

The Canandaigua Lady is a 19th century replica of a double-decker paddlewheel steam boat. She is a successor to the steamboats that operated on the Finger Lakes between 1820 and 1930 -- during that time there were 19 steamboats that operated as the primary means of transportation -- there were no roads along the lake.

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