Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Snow Eases

After a long stretch of cold and snowy weather it was a pleasure to see this gorgeous sunrise from my front porch -- the sun does still exist!


  1. Hi, That's a nice picture. I am just starting a blog. Not really sure how it all works yet but I too need to get healthy and walking will be the way to do it for me also. You said you were inspired by Ron and so am I. He is my cousin and quite a character. I will be doing the blog somewhat through my cats eyes I think. Sasha's my cat's name so calling it Sasha's Muse. Well, let me know any tricks you figure out on this blog and we'll learn together.

  2. Good Luck with Sasha's Muse -- I'm looking forward to cat thoughts and views. When you post or add your email we can chat -- my email is